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Accidentally Eavesdropping on an Apostle

I recently read this account of a woman’s experience with Elder Neal A. Maxwell, formerly of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On Kate Kelly’s Comments

In her latest op-ed in the Guardian, Kate Kelly writes about the then-pending disciplinary council of John Dehlin. She makes many claims that merit rebuttal, among them that disciplinary councils are a “form draconian bullying.” She also shares the Joanna Brooks quote about excommunication being a 15th century solution. I’ve shared my thoughts on the […]

In Defense of Excommunication

Well. It seems we are back.  I’d like to address the notion, given voice originally by Joanna Brooks that “excommunication is a nineteenth-century Mormon solution to 21st-century Mormon problems.” This quote has been adapted lately by John Dehlin, who changed “nineteenth-century” to “fifteenth-century.”


I just don’t have the energy for this one.

Non-Mormons Decide That Mitt Romney Isn’t A Good Mormon

I sincerely have a lot of sympathy for people whose job it is to wake up every day and try to come up with a new, fresh angle on the same story they’ve been covering for over a year.

Responding to Bloomberg Businessweek

When you get right down to it, the root causes of the low quality of media discussion of Mormonism can be reduced to one:  Most people – reporters and commentators most definitely included – neither know nor have thought a great deal about religion, and therefore tend to think about the topic in simplistic terms […]


It occurred to me that didn’t address a particularly important point that Andrew Sullivan raised in his post responding to our Washington Post piece.