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I just don’t have the energy for this one.

Non-Mormons Decide That Mitt Romney Isn’t A Good Mormon

I sincerely have a lot of sympathy for people whose job it is to wake up every day and try to come up with a new, fresh angle on the same story they’ve been covering for over a year.

The Charity of the LDS Church

That Businessweek story on the finances of the LDS Church was massive.  So was our response.  But even after all those words flying back and forth, we left one important topic unaddressed.  Much of the discussion about the Businessweek story has focused on the purportedly paltry charitable contributions of the LDS Church.  This rises from […]

Responding to Bloomberg Businessweek

When you get right down to it, the root causes of the low quality of media discussion of Mormonism can be reduced to one:  Most people – reporters and commentators most definitely included – neither know nor have thought a great deal about religion, and therefore tend to think about the topic in simplistic terms […]


It occurred to me that didn’t address a particularly important point that Andrew Sullivan raised in his post responding to our Washington Post piece.

Responding to Andrew Sullivan’s Continuing “Cult” Campaign

Andrew Sullivan responds to our piece in the Washington Post on the alleged “cultishness” of Mormonism here.  It’s an interesting discussion, and Sullivan is game to continue it.  But his resistance to our Mormon mind-meld techniques displeases us, so we’ll keep up the brainwashing attack. Sullivan begins by saying that we were “offended” by his […]


Well, Business Insider is reporting that this will be the cover for the Bloomberg Businessweek story on the finances of the LDS Church: