LOL, Paige Williams and The Daily Beast

Imagine with me, for a second, an article about a man believed to have murdered the guard of an armored car. Not, perhaps, the most intriguing subject in the world, but wait! There’s a hook! The alleged murderer was once a churchgoing missionary. Hmmm, OK, that’s something, I guess. He wouldn’t be the first churchgoer to turn bad, but sure. But wait! There’s another, better hook: the alleged murderer once attended the same church in Chicago that Barack Obama attended. Did they know each other???!!! Well, no. Did they at least attend the same church at the same time??!!! I, uh, I . . . no, they did not. Who cares?!!! Let’s use it anyway!

Can you imagine such an article containing lines such as these?

“Brown (the murderer) attended attended the church a generation behind Barack Obama, but with, it would turn out, a notably different result. Obama became a candidate for President of the United States; Brown became a federal fugitive.”

“Obama and Brown both performed volunteer work in Chicago at the same church-sponsored hospital.”

And then more stuff about the murderer and his crimes.

It is very, very difficult for me to imagine such an article being written, an article that ties, for no apparent reason, Barack Obama to an accused murder he does not know simply because they attended the same church. An alleged murderer who served a mission in France 20 years after Mitt Romney, though, is a story, and one that, for some reason, involves Mitt Romney.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a blogger looking for page views would stretch to find the Romney angle, but I am.

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