Terry Tempest Williams: There’s A Mormon Behind Every Tree!

Terry Tempest Williams is, according to Laura Flanders of The Nation, “an essayist, environmentalist, author, advocate, connection maker.”  That is quite a business card.  Here’s the relevant part of an interview she gave Flanders:

Flanders: A lot of people right now, looking at the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney, are very afraid of what they hear about Mormonism: the Temple, the secrets, the ideas about dominion. What about those parts of Mormonism?

Williams: I think there is reason to fear the Mormon Church. I would say the Mormon Church is a corporation. They have huge holdings and tremendous power and regardless of what candidate Mitt Romney says, I believe that [if Romney is elected president] the Mormon Church will have a say in governance. It will be subtle, it will be invisible, but it will be there.

Flanders: What would it look like?

Williams: I think we just have to look at [Proposition 8] the proposition in California against gay marriage. That would be an example….

Now, in fairness, I should post the tough follow-up question Flanders posed to Williams.  Wait.  Sorry.  There isn’t one.  The interview just ends there.

Trying to combat charges of subtle and invisible influence is a losing game. Just ask the Jews. That’s why it’s irresponsible and unfair to make such charges. And besides, the example Williams gives of subtle and invisible influence by the Church was . . . actually really visible and unsubtle. (Maybe she hasn’t made the connection between words and their meaning?)  The Church openly backed the Proposition, and was very public in encouraging its members to give money and time to support its passage.

We’d love someone to come forward with, you know, actual evidence that the Church has had a “say in governance” when one of its members has served in Congress or as Governor; even better would be some evidence that the Church had a “say in governance” while Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts.  And while we’re dealing with evidence, it should be noted that we have plenty from his runs for the Senate and the Governorship that Mitt Romney is willing to take positions that don’t sit well with many leaders and members of the Church.

On an unrelated note, I believe that Terry Tempest Williams is beholden to invisible influence from Exxon Mobil.  I can’t prove it, but believe me, it’s there.

One final question:  What sort of follow-up questions do you think Flanders or one of her colleagues from The Nation would pose someone who asserted that President Obama is subject to subtle and invisible influence by Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers?


  1. Clearly Senator Harry Reid is merely a pawn of LDS Church, Inc.

  2. Don’t even get me started on Representative Rob Bishop (R)!

  3. Um, stupid mormon, it well known fact that Terry Tempest Williams is KGB. Your dubious? Then test my assertion with this simple and foolproof test: Ask Terry if she is KGB. If she denies it, you know she’s lying, because you think a KBG spy will admit who they are? Get real. If she admits it, you know it’s true because a KGB spy wouldn’t reveal their identity unless they were REALLY proud of it. If she doesn’t respond to your email, it’s because they still only have dial up AOL internet at KGB HQ and someone was on the KGB phone when you sent it through.

    Oh, and this little “coincendence” Terry Tempest. Sure are lots of T’s in that name. Oh, that’s weird. Who else has T’s? Hmm, just a little guy goes by the name of sTalin. Tolstoy. Russian word Troika. hiTler (german, but fought Russia).

  4. If you think you can, why not take on the charges as made is books such as The Godmakers regarding the evolution of the LDS church from old Joe through the tyrant Brigham. That should keep you busy and a bit nervous. Adam & Eve in Missouri??? Jesus’ vacation in the America’s. All with absolutely NO archaeological evidence. Come on, this is just the beginning of the silliness of the LDS church. Revelations of convenience. It’s truly amazing what otherwise intelligent people will buy into.

  5. Andy Gundaya · ·

    Yes, you can bring on a lot of stupid accusations and criticisms on the LDS Church but it doesn’t matter at all, why? because those who think that they are better than this church are usually know nothing at all about the church. We can argue more about the truthfulness of the LDS church but it won’t profit your little brain because you only try to find some hole but rejected the goodness the church had done in the world. Have you had influenced people to do good and live a righteous lives, i don’t think so, what you did was to find fault and misguided others to believe that the LDS church teachings do not aligned to what the so called mainstream of society are popularly acceptable. Sorry to disappoint you with your misguided information wherever you had harnessed them but it is still do not matter because i know that this is the only and living Church of Jesus Christ and it is my testimony and my conscience is clear about the correctness of this church whether you like it or not it will continue to roll over the whole world and many more families and individual will benefit from its teaching! I pray for your own enlightenment and courage to find out the truth and live them so that you too will enjoy the fullness of the blessings the gospel had brought into my life! God bless you!

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