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Andrew Sullivan: Conservative Mormons Will Be Crazy Politicians; Moderate Ones Won’t

  Andrew Sullivan has launched an inquisition into the foreign policy of a President Romney through an interesting frame– Mormon teachings about the constitution.  Sullivan’s piece, “Did Jesus Foresee the U.S. Constitution,” is a classic bit of muckraking, leveraging (rather than exploring) LDS teachings to lead him to a foregone conclusion.  The chain of logic […]

Terry Tempest Williams: There’s A Mormon Behind Every Tree!

Terry Tempest Williams is, according to Laura Flanders of The Nation, “an essayist, environmentalist, author, advocate, connection maker.”  That is quite a business card.  Here’s the relevant part of an interview she gave Flanders:

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

If you were to think about it, you’d probably realize that most of the topics being explored in the news media you consume are ones about which you know very little, if anything at all. And if you, like us, tend to assume that the people who are creating these articles and blog posts and […]