I recently read this account of a woman’s experience with Elder Neal A. Maxwell, formerly of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In her latest op-ed in the Guardian, Kate Kelly writes about the then-pending disciplinary council of John Dehlin. She makes many claims that merit rebuttal, among them that disciplinary councils are a “form draconian bullying.” She also shares the Joanna Brooks quote about excommunication being a 15th century solution. I’ve shared my thoughts on the […]

Well. It seems we are back.  I’d like to address the notion, given voice originally by Joanna Brooks that “excommunication is a nineteenth-century Mormon solution to 21st-century Mormon problems.” This quote has been adapted lately by John Dehlin, who changed “nineteenth-century” to “fifteenth-century.”

I’ve watched with interest the conversations happening among Mormon-interested people and media over the last few weeks centering, and now culminating, in the disciplinary action taken by the LDS Church against John Dehlin.  While some good and some new understanding have come from these discussions, it’s also quite clear that these events have deepened schisms […]

I just don’t have the energy for this one.

I sincerely have a lot of sympathy for people whose job it is to wake up every day and try to come up with a new, fresh angle on the same story they’ve been covering for over a year.

That Businessweek story on the finances of the LDS Church was massive.  So was our response.  But even after all those words flying back and forth, we left one important topic unaddressed.  Much of the discussion about the Businessweek story has focused on the purportedly paltry charitable contributions of the LDS Church.  This rises from […]